Summer Strength and Conditioning Program

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The Centennial Strength and Conditioning Program is designed for ALL athletes who want to develop explosive power, absolute strength, muscular endurance, speed, quickness, agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. The program achieves these measured athletic qualities from the use of Olympic lifts and their variations along with other movement preparatory exercises, high intensity strength building exercises, exercises containing plyometric properties, proper technique and teaching progressions, and researched program design and periodization.

#6300 M-Th June 11-July 26 CHS/West-Weight Room 24 sessions $74 No sessions July 2-5

Session A         Varsity Athletes Grade 11-12  7:00-8:00 am   

Session B         All Athletes Grade 9-12         8:00-9:00 am            

Session C        Female Athletes Grade 6-12  9:00-10:00 am  

Session D         Youth Sports Grade 6-9        10:00-11:00 am        

Session E         Grade 6-Adult                           6-7 pm